I'm Back!

Hey everyone, remember me?  After an unfortunate (and unintended) hiatus from my personal website and blog, I'm ready to get back into it – albeit with a few tweaks.

Main Course

So first of all, my absolute biggest desire is - surprise - to make more music.  Originals, covers, anything.  Pretty simple idea, but it's going to take some work (in a good way)!

I'm also interested in making some educational resources, like tutorials or mini-lessons.  There are some really great tools that I'm excited to use for just that purpose, so hopefully I'll be able to produce some helpful content for other musicians.

So those are the main goals, for right now at least.

Side Dishes

There'll be a few other changes, too.  For one thing, my blog will focus more on personal thoughts and experiences.  I hadn't emphasized that before because I wanted to write about music industry news and do gear reviews.  But honestly, that wasn't really a sustainable model.  I’ll still talk about those things when it makes sense, but I have d wide range of interests that I want to touch on.  And really, most would find the tonal characteristics of some random microphone uninteresting anyway.  This site isn't for other engineers, it's for people.  And it's for me.

So, thoughts from my venture into programming will have a place here.  Things like visual design and science will probably pop up from time to time.  I'll probably talk a little about the tools I use, too.  Maybe you'll find them helpful.

I’m pretty excited about this new direction, but the point is, there's less of a direction than ever.  It's undoubtedly going to evolve over time, but that's part of the fun I guess.  Thanks for coming along with me!