Change Is Good - Website Redesign

After what seems like an eternity, I have finally gotten my website updated with a new look and feel.  It's largely the same content, but the redesign was made with two goals in mind: discoverability and interactivity.

So first, let's get this out of the way - using Adobe Flash on my previous website was not a good idea.  It looked pretty, but seriously limited where people could view it (Flash doesn't work on a lot of mobile devices, such as iPhones and iPads).  Not great for discoverability.  The new design is compatible with more devices, loads more quickly, and automatically adjusts to the size of your screen.

Also, while my old design dumped you onto a landing page and left it up to you to find out where to go, the new design makes it much clearer as to why you would even want to be here.  Navigation links are no longer buried in a hover menu, they're bigger and easier to read, and are persistent across the site.

Secondly, I want to connect more with people, so in addition to an easily visible link to my Twitter profile, I'm starting this blog.  I'll be covering a bunch of topics, including music industry trends and news, songs past and present and why they work, music gear, and a lot more.

The other thing I'm really excited about is my decision to do a series of cover songs.  This will not be a regurgitation of the songs as they currently exist - the end result will be a product of my taste and style mixed with that of the original artist.  I'll post a reminder for everyone on Facebook and Twitter to post what they think I should cover, and I'll pick from the list.  Once I finish the song, I'll put it up on SoundCloud and detail how it was recorded and mixed.

So that's what I have planned for you guys.  Things will almost certainly morph as we go along, but I promise to keep it interesting.  Thanks for visiting, and stop by often to see what I'm up to!